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Artificial Turf

Benefits of Artificial Turf

  • Lower Water Bill

  • Clean Aesthetic Year-Round

  • No Pesticides or Fertilizer Products Needed

  • Massively Lower Maintenance Cost and Frequency

  • No Pet Damage from digging

  • No Grass Clippings in your Pool

  • Less Foot Traffic (Service Providers) = More Privacy

Modern back yard pool area with artificial turf, in-ground trampoline, and sylvester palms.
Artificial Turf putting green.

Artificial Turf Products

  • Artificial Turf Inlaid Walkways, Patios, & Stepping Stones

  • K-9 Turf

  • Enviro Chill In-fill 

  • Foam Mat Padding for Kids Playground

  • Putting Greens

  • Sand Pits (Golf)

  • Chipping Fringe (Golf)

  • In-Ground Trampolines

Artificial Turf Applications

  • Commercial Property & Residential Homes

  • Playgrounds

  • Golf Hobby & Short Game Practice (Putting Greens & Chipping)

  • Dog Runs

  • Pool & Back Yard Sod Replacement

  • Modern In-laid Decking and Driveways

  • Sports Fields & Athletic Turf

  • Indoor Putting Greens

  • Hillside Coverage (Soil Retention)

Our Artificial Turf Process

After establishing if you need or desire artificial turf for your project, our team will make recommendations on turf types and bring you samples.


Artificial turf can vary greatly depending on the product. Taller blade heights will require sweeping more often to avoid foot prints due to them laying down over time. In-fill is utilized to keep the blades standing, but a shorter blade will typically keep a cleaner look for a longer period of time.


If you are installing a putting green we will discuss "run speeds' (how fast the ball will travel when putting) and other options that will impact your finished product.

If you have pets, we will provide the option to leave irrigation in, or install irrigation around the turf boundaries, set to water occasionally to wash urine through and prevent the area from becoming smelly. 

All projects at a minimum include within our price per SF pricing:
1. Prepare base adding 3"-4" of paver sand, and compact
2. Install synthetic turf cutting and shaping around plant beds and trees
3.Tape and glue all seams
4. Secure perimeters using glue and 6" nails
5. Apply infill
6. Power broom synthetic turf
7. Haul away trash

We don't cut corners and we have standardized pricing that Will save you money in comparison to our competitors!

Back yard pool area with artificial turf inlay in patio.
Artificial Turf Installations, Palm Beach County
Ringler Landscape Design Co.

Artificial Turf Installations, Palm Beach County


Tell us about your project today.

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