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Irrigation Services

Sprinkler Head correctly maintained.

Irrigation Services

Our irrigation services are all-inclusive and cover everything from monthly wet checks to renovations, installations, system assessments, zone-map creation, pump repair and replacements, and so much more!

Irrigation Services We Offer in Palm Beach County:

  • Irrigation Service Calls

  • Emergency Service Irrigation Calls 

  • Irrigation Initial Evaluations

  • Monthly "Wet-Checks"

  • Irrigation System Renovations

  • Irrigation System Installations

  • Zone-Map Creation

  • City to Reclaimed or Well-Water Conversions

  • Irrigation Well Drilling

  • Irrigation Pump Repair or Replacement

  • Index Valve System to Electrical Conversions

  • And So Much More!

Sprinkler spray heads within a median watering the grass.

Irrigation Wet Checks

We offer monthly irrigation service, during which we run all zones, adjust your irrigation timers, check the condition of your pump & rust tank system (if applicable), adjust heads, and clean nozzles. If significant repairs are needed they will be documented and submitted for approval, except in the case of Commercial Properties, should they have a "Not to Exceed" budget for repairs.

Newly installed irrigation valve having electrical wires worked on.

Irrigation Service Calls

One-time service calls for residential and commercial properties can typically be performed within 24 hours. We understand how important it is for your property to have a functional irrigation system,  and we make it our priority to get you back up and running. Whether its a simple pipe repair or head replacement, or if you have a valve or pump issue, we can handle it.

Irrigation for Commercial Properties & HOAs

Our irrigation maintenance division is experienced with and committed to keeping your community lush and green. Each year the weather has been getting warmer, and older communities systems are starting to show their flaws. We can help assess your irrigation issues, create a plan of action, and implement it. We also offer zone map creation, pump, suction line, and other services that will benefit your community in the long-term.

Irrigation zone map created for a homeowners association.

Detailed Reporting Systems

Our team doesn't just do the work and bill. We document Everything. Our team photographs the work they perform, issues they discover, the subsequent repairs, and all of the old parts left over after the work is completed. These images, coupled with an irrigation report, will accompany all irrigation wet check & repair invoices. 

Landscape Lighting

Why only enjoy your Landscape during the day? Let us Light Up your Oasis!

Bromeliads with lighting causing shadow-play on the wall of a home.

Clusia Hedges

Lacking Privacy? Tired of staring at your neighbors or having all eyes on your pool? Clusia Hedges are the perfect solution for you!

Bromeliads with lighting causing shadow-play on the wall of a home.

Annual Flowers

Need a seasonal pop of color? Summer & Spring Annuals and Winter & Fall Annuals are available every year for your seleciton!

Pink colored annual flowers.

Artificial Turf

Tired of landscapers in your lawn? Go Artificial! From Putting Greens to Playgrounds, we have you covered.

Artificial Turf in 7bridges community.

Palm Installations

Palm Tree Installations, Sylvester Palms with Diamond Cut, Self-Cleaning Palms suchas Foxtails, Christmas Palms, and Alexanders!

Sylvester Palms with Diamond Cut, planted in a Delray Beach Country Club.

Tree Services

Tree Removals, Transplantations, Trimming, and Cleanups available! No job too big or small!

John deere machinery removal of areca palm roots.

Retaining Walls

Accent Walls, Thin veneer, Stacked Block, Soil Retention Walls, whatever you need, We Do It!

Bromeliads with lighting causing shadow-play on the wall of a home.

Rock & Mulch

Ground Covers for weed prevention, Rock to avoid annual mulching. All Rock Installs include industrial grade underlayment (weed barrier)

Imported Rocks around landscape plants.


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