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Tropical Landscape

Commercial & HOA Landscape Management

Homeowners association's landscaped front entry.

Bidding your HOA / Commercial Landscaping



Free Consultation

Our maintenance manager will meet with you to discuss the needs of your community, receive a scope of work (or help you establish one if one does not exist), and tour the property. 

We always want to establish where the previous service provider fell short, and what your community's expectations are so that we can keep you happy.


Build Scope

We will review your existing scope of work with you to see if there are any shortfalls. While touring the property, we will photograph and notate all existing issues, and when we submit our bid we will include a "current condition" report, and outline how we can improve upon such issues.


Tailor Budget

Our proposals are itemized to the last detail so that we can make adjustments to scope- or in the case of maintenance- frequency of services. This will be presented in a multi-tier proposal for your community to select from, with Tier 1 being our highest quality service, and Tier 3 being an average service. This way you can decide your budget and scope.


Contract Commencement

Upon approval of the contract, you will be assigned an Account Manager. Our account managers are here to pre-emptively resolve issues, coordinate all landscape maintenance, irrigation, fertilization, pest control, tree, and planting/improvement services. They will always be available to you directly and via our client portal system.

Our Landscape Maintenance Process

We recognize that every community, its residents, and property management team is different. We don't subscribe to the one-size fits all industry standard that has become so commonplace. Our process is constantly being refined and our team dedicates themselves to innovating to make Your life easier. 

Our job is to solve problems and propose solutions before you even notice them. A property manager or board member should not have to tour the community to make sure that their landscaper or irrigation technician is performing their work appropriately. We also understand that there is a stigma in our industry that has developed over the years due to how common "mow blow and go" services. Our mission is to provide quality customer service through work, communication, and planning. We look forward to the opportunity of building a lasting relationship with you and your community!

What Sets us Apart

Image Reporting Systems

All teams have a foreman that photographs work as its performed, documenting work, needed improvements, and creating quality control reports.

These reports are available for board members and management to assist with improvement approvals, establish budgets, and provide accountability. 

Client Portal & Customer Support

Our company has built out a client-portal system that allows for our clients to view estimates, invoices, and support cases all in one place. This allows you to easily notify your account manager of a work order or complaint, view case submittals by our team, and keep track of whether support cases are pending, escalated, or closed. This provides you with a detailed timeline of all events on the property.

Innovative Reporting Systems

Our team doesn't just photograph your property. Every service that's provided, whether it is an irrigation wet check, lawncare service, clean-up, fertilization, or pest control has regular reports written up. This documentation allows us to show you and allows you to show your community what work is being performed, and what is needed in the future.

Landscape Budget

Before & After imagery is taken during any significant improvements. We know that not every community has been perfectly cared for. We are often brought in for "fixer-upper" projects. We excel at planning long term to save your association money, creating and implementing a multi-year plan, and executing and documenting the changes so that your current and future board representatives can see the value created for your property.

Before and after of landscape cleanup

Commercial & HOA Landscape Maintenance

We're the company you go to when you are tired of the "Mow Blow and Go" service that has become the standard in Palm Beach County. We are dedicated to providing a quality service, maintaining communication, pro-actively solving and preventing issues, and providing transparency that has a positive reflection on the HOA's board and Property Manager. We are here to make your job Easier!

Landscape Maintenance Services for Home Owner Associations in Palm Beach County:

Red and White Impatien Annual Flower planting.

Irrigation Services

Our irrigation services are all-inclusive and cover everything from monthly wet checks to renovations, installations, system assessments, zone-map creation, pump repair and replacements, and so much more!

HOA Irrigation Services We Offer in Palm Beach County:

  • Irrigation Service Calls

  • Emergency Service Irrigation Calls 

  • Irrigation Initial Evaluations

  • Monthly "Wet-Checks"

  • Irrigation System Renovations

  • Irrigation System Installations

  • Zone-Map Creation

  • City to Reclaimed or Well-Water Conversions

  • Irrigation Well Drilling

  • Irrigation Pump Repair or Replacement

  • Index Valve System to Electrical Conversions

  • And So Much More!

Fertilization & Pest Control

Our lawn and ornamental services focus on promoting a healthy landscape which are essential to deterring unwanted pest, weed and disease issues. With expert knowledge on South Florida’s turf and plant species, we can help assist you in achieving your dream landscape.

We recommend Quarterly Fertilization and monthly IPM services for our HOA clients. Rather than broad-spectrum treatment of landscapes which put unnecessary chemicals into the environment and waste money, we treat what's needed and pre-empt pest issues.

HOA Fertilization & Pest Control Services We Offer in Palm Beach County:

  • Species Specific Fertilization

  • Lawn & Ornamental Fertilization

  • Palm & Tree Fertilization & Drenching

  • Integrated Pest Management

  • Insect Control

  • Fungus Control

  • Weed Control

  • Rodent Control

  • Interior Club-House & Communal Pest Control

Lawncare Treatments being applied with a sprayer.
Bucket truck with dump body being used to trim palm trees.

Tree Services

Our team assesses the health of your trees and can create a scope of work for your current needs and future tree service contracts that go out to bid. 

 HOA Tree Services We Offer in Palm Beach County:

  • Annual Tree Trimming

  • Hurricane Pruning & Storm Preparation

  • Post-Storm & Hurricane Clean-up Priority Services

  • Tree Removals

  • Tree Transplantations

  • Stump Grinding

  • Coconut & Safety Hazard Removals

Landscape Lighting

Why only enjoy your Landscape during the day? Let us Light Up your Oasis!

Bromeliads with landscape lights illuminating them.

Clusia Hedges

Lacking Privacy? Tired of staring at your neighbors or having all eyes on your pool? Clusia Hedges are the perfect solution for you!

Clusia hedges planted along fence line for privacy.

Annual Flowers

Need a seasonal pop of color? Summer & Spring Annuals and Winter & Fall Annuals are available every year for your seleciton!

Pink Impatiens with dew on their leaves.

Artificial Turf

Tired of landscapers in your lawn? Go Artificial! From Putting Greens to Playgrounds, we have you covered.

Artificial Turf in back yard of a home in Delray Beach Florida, specifically the 7Bridges community.

Palm Installations

Palm Tree Installations, Sylvester Palms with Diamond Cut, Self-Cleaning Palms suchas Foxtails, Christmas Palms, and Alexanders!

Sylvest Palms installed along golf driving range at Addison Reserve in Delray Beach.

Tree Services

Tree Removals, Transplantations, Trimming, and Cleanups available! No job too big or small!

Skid steer with grapple claw with the root ball of an Areca.

Retaining Walls

Accent Walls, Thin veneer, Stacked Block, Soil Retention Walls, whatever you need, We Do It!

Retaining Wall installation at a commercial property for soil retention.

Rock & Mulch

Ground Covers for weed prevention, Rock to avoid annual mulching. All Rock Installs include industrial grade underlayment (weed barrier)

Yellow and Red Bromeliads planted with Top Class Imported Rock around it.


Tell us about your project today.

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