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Landscape Graphic Design


Tropical Landscape Design depicted in a graphic rendering.

Who Graphic Renderings are Best For:

If you have a focal point location such as a front island, front of home, or back pool area that is your primary focus for your landscape design, Graphic Renderings are the cheapest and most efficient way to design your landscape. If you are designing multiple areas or your entire property, you would save money and be better suited with a Blueprint Service.

Our Landscape Graphic Process:

During your consultation we will discuss design themes, preferred colors, and utility needs (such as privacy or blocking a window) within the landscape.


​Our Graphic Rendering service includes access to our proprietary technology for making material selections and providing your input so we can design for your specific taste. 

Our Landscape Design Services typically take around 2-3 weeks from start to finish, with a bid following shortly after. See below for an example of a project's before design, final approved design, and then final installation, where we will walk you through our entire process.

Initial Consultation

Our initial landscape consultation is where we hit the drawing board and start discussing what you like and do not like. Not to worry though, our designers are skilled at guiding you through the process and helping you establish a style that suits you. 

We always ask that you provide as much feedback as possible. We highly encourage browsing our past work, and even landscapes online or in your community. Even if pictures you show us are of plants and landscapes that are not local, it helps us understand your specific taste and style.

Planning Phase

From here, we decide which plants, trees, and features will remain that are existing on your property- if any- and photograph your property. All other material will be photo-shopped out of your image, giving us a clean slate to design with.

After all feedback has been received, product selections have been made, and your design theme has been established, we now have a palette to paint your landscape design with, and the fun part begins!

Graphic rendering of front homeowners association entry.

Design Phase

Your Design has begun! Our team does not just make one render, send it to you, and call it a day. We take all design theme elements, and create three variations of your landscape, all as different as possible while still respecting your input and selections as well as your planting environment. This means taking into consideration sun & water exposure to ensure that your plants live healthy and long lives!​

Live-Edit Sessions

Even now that your renders are done, we don't just deliver them and ask you to make a decision. We schedule a zoom session to present your initial renderings, and then discuss each feature of the three variations we have designed. Once we have established which features from each design are you favorites, we combine and edit them to create a final design for you that contains the best of all of your variations!​

While we are discussing your designs and making changes, we can swap species, change bed lay-out, add features, and show real life imagery from our product catalogs and project portfolio as examples. 

Post-Design Process

This is where the process speeds up! Now that we have a final design we can move on to planning your project!

Bidding & Estimating

Our estimates are fully itemized, show plant sizes, quantities, and all parts of the service to be provided. We can separate optional services such as Landscape Lighting and Irrigation, and high budget items such as Retaining Walls and Artificial Turf so that we can tailor your budget to suit you. 

We always recommend designing for your DREAM landscape, and then downsizing from there. If needed, we can often provide a landscape that will grow into your desired final product at a much lower cost than planting fully grown material that provides instant gratification.

This is where density and maturity conversations come into the picture, and we make decisions to adjust the budget as needed until you are comfortable.


Now that we have an approved contract, if HOA approval or Municipal approval is required, we will prepare our bid package, design, License, and Insurances for submittal.

When the project is cleared to commence, product orders go in and job prep will begin, typically within one week to one month depending on the time of year and our current workload.

In progress picture of homeowners association front entry.
Completed landscape installation of homeowners association front median at monument sign area.

Installation Phase

Your Designs are done, the budget is set, and now its planting time! Our company is not Just a landscape design firm, we also have a wholesale landscape nursery & supply company. We grow our own materials, leverage buying power, and purchase products direct from the manufacturers (for anything we don't have in-house) to bring you quality products at fair prices. Because of this, we are confident that most licensed & insured competitors that are bidding "apples to apples" with our scope of work can not compete with our quality and pricing.

Our team will then procure your materials in preparation for your job. After removals and ground-prep has been completed, we will strategically tackle your project with a focus on saving you money and preventing any future issues. 


Our typical order of operations goes like this:

  • If Drainage or NEW irrigation is being installed, the lines go in before your plant material.

  • Soil or Fill will be brought in if needed. This is especially necessary to backfill if there is a Retaining Wall being installed or your grade needs to be fixed.

  • When your products have arrived, we always stage the plants and trees out (above ground) so that you can see the lay-out and any minor adjustments that are necessary can be made prior to planting.

  • Plants & Trees will be planted after receiving lay-out approval from the client.

  • Landscape Lighting Wiring will be installed (if applicable).

  • Rock or Mulch goes down after lighting wiring (since lighting, irrigation, and drainage are done first, we save time and you save money by putting ground covers in afterwards).

  • Retaining Walls then go next (if applicable).

  • Finally your Sod or Artificial Turf will be installed.


Tell us about your project today.

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