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Landscape Design & Installation Services

Our team feels strongly that if we are not innovating then we are not growing. We have made it our mission to develop software, infrastructure, and processes to make the design process as smooth and client-centric as possible. Every landscape we create is tailored to each individual client's aesthetic preferences AND budget. No more "one size fits all" lump sump proposals. We know what the industry's standards are and we are determined to change them. We hope you give us the opportunity to show you what we have built for clients like YOU.

Landscape Blueprint of a residential home in Equestrian Wellington.

Our Consultation Process

Merritt Lights_edited.jpg


Free Consultation

Depending on your service needed our designer or estimator will meet you to discuss your project. Aesthetic, utility, and budgetary restrictions for your project will be discussed to gather data to create a tailored proposal.


Build Scope

Depending on your needs, a scope of work will be put together and submitted for approval, or a design service (outlined below) will take place. Our client-centric process and green industry software ensures that your needs are met.


Tailor Budget

Our proposals are itemized to the last detail so that we can make adjustments to scope- or in the case of installations- to density, maturity, and product selections so that your project costs what You want it to.


Execute Contract

Our licensed & insured team will handle all aspects of your projects, from product procurement, quality control, and final installation, to ensuring your project follows code, meets, municipal requirements, and any permitting needs.

Our Design Process

We recognize that every client is different. What I like, what you like, and what your family likes may be different. It is our job to take the taste our clients, combine them together (in the case of a family or partners), and find an aesthetic that fits. A design service is NOT a requirement to receive a bid from our company if you know what you want. However, we have tools available to assist if you are a client who is unsure of what they want their finished product to look like. We have product selection software that helps you easily show us your taste and aesthetic preference. We can utilize this software alone, or if your estimator/designer feels your project is a good candidate for a design service, they will walk you through what that consists of. 


Product Selection

Your designer will guide you towards material that is suited for your property's sun and water exposure, but Most importantly, will gather your input and feedback on your preferences so that we can tailor your design theme to your taste. 

We have a large catalog of past projects, design themes, and products for you to select from to help provide our designers with a palette to paint with!

Landscape Design Graphic Rendering of Homeowners Association in Boynton Beach.


Graphic Renderings

This service is a great option for clients focusing on a focal point area. This service includes providing Three variations of designs that follow your design preference but are as different as possible within your theme. After delivery of the designs, we enter into a live-edit session via zoom to create a final prior to bidding.


Blueprint Services

This service is best for clients that are landscaping their entire property or large areas. It includes 2-D and 3-D renders of your entire property. It includes two live-edit sessions where you are walked through your property and able to view every aspect of your installation as if it were already completed!

Landscape Blueprint of a home in Arden of Loxahatchee Florida.


Landscape Budget

After a final design is approved we begin building out your scope of work. After your itemized proposal is submitted, we can then tailor it to your budget. Landscape design installations are highly variable. If you want instant gratification and full sized material the job can cost Alot more than if you use small material. We will make recommendations for density and maturity alterations if you need to lower the budget.

Tropical landscape design with palms, flowers, a retaining wall, Agave, and landscape lights.

Landscape Design

We know finding reliable contractors in South Florida is difficult. And we know that budgeting, transparency, and accountability are SO important. We have tailored a design process for our clients to make the process as painless as possible. Our team can provide renderings so that you can see the Finished Product before we ever install any material, provide an itemized proposal that can be adjusted to suit any budget, and provide you a project time-line link where our team's photos, videos, and updates are live-streamed for your viewing. We show up and follow-through where others fail. Hire a Landscape Design Firm for your next landscape installation, not a lawncare company.

Landscape Design and Installation Services We Offer in Palm Beach County:

Modern Landscape Design with Bamboo, Artificial Turf, and Rock.

Landscape Lighting

Why only enjoy your Landscape during the day? Let us Light Up your Oasis!

Plants with landscape lighting

Clusia Hedges

Lacking Privacy? Tired of staring at your neighbors or having all eyes on your pool? Clusia Hedges are the perfect solution for you!

Clusia Hedges Installed in Palm Beach County

Annual Flowers

Need a seasonal pop of color? Summer & Spring Annuals and Winter & Fall Annuals are available every year for your seleciton!

Annual Flowers Installed in Palm Beach County

Artificial Turf

Tired of landscapers in your lawn? Go Artificial! From Putting Greens to Playgrounds, we have you covered.

Artificial Turf in Palm Beach County

Palm Installations

Palm Tree Installations, Sylvester Palms with Diamond Cut, Self-Cleaning Palms suchas Foxtails, Christmas Palms, and Alexanders!

Palm Trees Installed in Palm Beach County

Tree Services

Tree Removals, Transplantations, Trimming, and Cleanups available! No job too big or small!

Tree Services Installed in Palm Beach County

Retaining Walls

Accent Walls, Thin veneer, Stacked Block, Soil Retention Walls, whatever you need, We Do It!

Retaining Wall Installed in Palm Beach County

Rock & Mulch

Ground Covers for weed prevention, Rock to avoid annual mulching. All Rock Installs include industrial grade underlayment (weed barrier)

Rock and Mulch Installed in Palm Beach County

Our Quality Guarantee

Our company is dedicated to providing quality services. Our warranty covers all planting and nursery defects, and ensures that barring an act of god or bad-actor, your landscape will perform and become the tropical (or modern) landscape of your dreams!

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