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Ringler Landscape Design Co. (Ringler) terms of service

All terms and conditions are held valid unless otherwise specified in a contract signed by both parties. Signing an agreement or estimate with Ringler indicates acceptance of these terms. Terms of service are meant to familiarize our clients with what to expect throughout the process, and address concerns that may occur in rare scenarios.

Designs Services:

  1. Most Design consultations include one free consultation, a free estimate, and may include access to Ringler’s Client Portal. Additional consultations, design work, or administrative time beyond the first consultation may require a consulting fee, or design fee at the discretion of Ringler. The client will be notified if this is the case.

  2. Graphic design renderings are for bed lay out and plant species identification only. Plants may vary in size, shape, color, etc. from their original designs. Because 2D renderings are not perfectly to scale, quantities may vary as well. Estimates and contracts will contain the final size, quantity, and type of material to be installed.

  3. Graphic designs and photos of installations taken by Ringler are deemed intellectual property of Ringler and may be used for marketing or as deemed fit by Ringler unless otherwise specified.


  1. Out of town clients must provide a signed copy of the estimate or contract, as well as a copy of photo identification. If you are hiring Ringler from out of town, and would like to pay via credit card, a picture of your card showing your name and last four digits of your card number will be required. (You can redact your CVV and any other personal information).

  2. Nursery or E-commerce prices for the delivery and installation of material is not always final. These prices are typical for an ideal planting bed or installation area. Prices are contingent upon machine access (if applicable), functional irrigation, clear planting area, etc.. If your job is bid after an on-site visit, then all costs included in your estimate are the final cost.

  3. Any customer requested changes or deviations from the specifications or quantities involving extra costs would be an additional charge, over and above the proposed contract that the customer agrees to pay.

  4. Before commencement of work Ringler may request a deposit of up to 50% at their discretion.

  5. Signed estimates and contracts can be altered by notifying Ringler before materials for said contract have been purchased. After purchase of materials, changes to material schedule result in a 40% restocking fee for returned materials. Materials that have been installed and are returned will result in a 40% restock fee, plus the labor cost of installation and removal of said materials.

  6. Prices provided via public or private marketing are only applicable for properties located in Palm Beach County, Fl. Excluding Belle Glade and Pahokee areas. Marketed and published prices are valid for up to 90 days from the date of publication unless otherwise stated.

  7. The property where the landscape installation is to be done may have homeowners association restrictions. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the applicable restrictions on their property to verify that their installation they have chosen will be allowed. Materials are normally ordered or prepared upon receipt of the signed contract and/or deposit. If the customer is unsure that the chosen landscape installation type will be allowed, and wants to avoid the responsibility for this until appropriate approvals are obtained, it must be noted on the signed estimate.

  8. Estimates are itemized and include as precise of a quote as is possible. However in some scenarios, material quantities may vary slightly from original estimates. These variations will be adjusted upon completion and final invoice. We take every possible precaution to insure that this adjustment is a reduction in price rather than an increase, but in rare scenarios, additional material may be required.

  9. Upon receiving a quote from RINGLER, if you hire another contractor to complete a portion of the contract, and the work is performed incorrectly, RINGLER may adjust pricing on work to be performed. This may occur before, during, or after work commencement. *Example: Tear-out and removals on estimate is removed at request of home-owner, and is to be completed by lawn maintenance company. Lawn maintenance company “flush-cuts” trees instead of removing with entire root system, or stump grinds insufficiently. Installation work by RINGLER now takes longer and has a higher expense in labor due to root systems or stumps being present in planting bed. *


  1. All contracts will not commence until an estimate or contract has been signed by the client. In some cases, Ringler may provide permission for another form of approval at the discretion of Ringler.

  2. Please understand that any representation Ringler regarding an installation date is for the customer’s convenience and is our best approximation. We try hard to give the customer a fair representation of the schedule when asked, but the installation schedule changes daily and at times significantly due to circumstances both within and beyond Ringler ‘s control, including but not Iimited to weather, permit issues, easement agreements, change orders, and progress on prior scheduled jobs etc.

  3. False start fees apply for rescheduling of a job on the same-day as the start date or after commencement. Any such interruptions or stoppages may result in additional trip or restaging charges that the customer agrees to pay. A false start or trip charge is normally $250 per crew/truck, but this does vary under certain circumstances. This line item will be added to the final invoice should a false start occur.

  4. Any cancellation request after signing and approving an estimate must be in writing. There are many costs incurred during the various phases of preparing for and executing a landscape installation. To offset some of these costs, should the customer choose to cancel, 40% of the contract, in addition to any direct costs such as special material and permit services, will be charged against the customer’s deposit. The balance will be promptly returned to the customer. If these costs exceed the deposit amount or a deposit was not made, the customer agrees to pay RINGLER promptly. Please understand that upon receipt of a signed contract, we incur expenses in preparation of your contract. Upon receipt of a signed contract, we apply administrative time locating necessary materials, driver time for procurement of materials, and funds towards the purchase of said materials.


  1. All Ringler Landscape employees may have recorded incoming and outgoing phone calls. This is done for quality control and training purposes. While in the presence of Ringler Landscape Employees whether in meetings, consultations, estimates, or during a project, audio recording may be occurring. These recordings are used for notes and quality control as well as liability purposes. If you do not consent to audio recording while in the presence of a Ringler Landscape employee, please advise prior to the meeting, or cancel the meeting. Recording during telephone calls can Not be turned off and is an automatic feature of our VOIP system. It is the responsibility of the other party to notify Ringler Landscape employees of their concern with our recording procedures prior to meeting or phone calls.


  1. Warranty on plant material is valid for 90 days, and is contingent upon having a functional irrigation system and the material being hand watered once a day for 30 days after installation. Warranties are applicable unless otherwise specified within the contract. All Sod is only warrantied for 30 days. This is because sod is fully rooted within 30 days, and any damage that occurs subsequently is typically due to improper maintenance, not nursery or planting defects.

  2. Warranty covers planting defects and nursery defects. Examples of instances warranty does not cover: force majeure, lack of irrigation, neglect by homeowner or landscape maintenance company, and incidentals such as vandalism. Ringler is not financially or legally responsible for damages, debris, etc. that may occur after an installation is completed. Example: Other contractors, acts of nature, or vandalism causes damage to a landscape installation. The customer is responsible for damage, theft, loss and/or vandalism of any material once it is installed or delivered to the site. Existing, transplanted material is not covered by warranty.

  3. Many times a customer wants their landscape installation installed in the same area where cable, sprinkler, pool or utility lines already exist. Due to this potential conflict, even if these items are marked, frequently unseen underground lines are damaged during the digging phase of the landscape installation. Because these lines are fragile and cannot be seen, the breaking of these lines cannot be attributed to negligence. If a line is broken, the customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold RINGLER harmless from any related damages.

  4. 811 (No-Cuts) will be called for all jobs with digging to a depth of 30″ or greater will take place. If a client wishes for no-cuts to be called for contracts that do not meet those specifications, the homeowner may call 811 or request for us to call before contract commencement. No-Cuts sometimes will paint on sidewalks and hardscape when marking utilities. RINGLER does not accept liability for work performed by No-Cuts.

  5. Wires, utilities, irrigation, and lines that are unavoidable (that must be moved or will be cut) can be moved or repaired at an additional expense.


  1. All invoices will incur a 1.5% compounding late fee for every thirty (30) days late, or the highest allowable by state and local law. Invoices beyond sixty (60) days late may be sent to collections or taken to claims court at the discretion of Ringler. Funds pursued will be equal to total invoice amount outstanding, plus late fees, plus court costs.

  2. The customer also agrees to pay all costs and expenses of collection of any unpaid balance due under this contract, including but not limited to the costs to lien the property, file notices etc. Invoices not paid when due void any warranties supplied with the landscape installation. The customer agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees and a cost in the event an attorney is required to represent RINGLER for any reason related to this contract, through appeal.

  3. Customer agrees that the issuance of payment following the substantial completion of the job constitutes acceptance of the work. Customer further agrees that any check given is good, not post-dated and immediately negotiable, and to stop payment on any check would be constituting fraud. If a check is returned for insufficient funds the customer agrees to pay a $35 service fee.

  4. All materials provided will remain the property of RINGLER until fully paid for. RINGLER is guaranteed unobstructed access and the customers irrevocable permission to enter the property and remove landscape installation materials if not completely paid for when due. In such cases, the deposit is forfeited. If costs exceed the amount of the deposit amount, the customer agrees to pay the difference promptly.


Providing your contact information to schedule a consultation, or hiring our company for our services and providing your telephone number and/or email address is being accepted as permission to email or text you for appointment reminders, delivery of designs, estimates, invoices, service offerings, and informational material. If you do not wish to receive any further emails please email directly or opt out as per the unsubscribe button in emails or via the directions in direct text messages. You will be added to our do not text/email list.

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