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Builders & New Construction

New Construction Landscape Design & Installation

We have Years of experience dealing with Builders and we know that budgeting, transparency, and accountability are SO important. We have tailored a design process to builders and their clients specifically to make the process as painless as possible. Our team can provide renderings so that the client can see the Finished Product before we ever install any material, provide an itemized proposal that can be adjusted to suit any budget, and provide them a project time-line link where our team's photos, videos, and updates are live-streamed for their viewing.

Builder & Contractor Landscape Design Services We Offer in Palm Beach County:

New Construction landscape installation in progress.
3-D home on landscape blueprints.

Landscape Blueprints

We know how much work goes into new construction residential and large commercial projects. We make our side of the process as easy as possible for you and take the wheel as it pertains to all things landscaping.

Our New Construction & Contractor Landscape Design Process:

If you do not already have a scope of work, our company will consult with you and/or the client to establish the desired aesthetic for the property. We have proprietary software we have developed in-house for product selection and design theme establishment.


Our blueprint software allows us to show architectural and design theme elements of the home and entire exterior of the property. ​

Our blueprints aren't just 2-d blueprints to submit for permitting. We are creating the property in 3-D at the same time so that we can do live edit sessions and zoom video walk-throughs of the property with the client. This way we KNOW that the client will be happy with the final product.

We are also able to design or add pools, pergolas, paint & texture changes, roof changes, additions, outdoor kitchens, fencing, and much much more!

Irrigation Services

Our irrigation services are all-inclusive and cover everything from monthly wet checks to renovations, installations, system assessments, zone-map creation, pump repair and replacements, and so much more!

New Construction Irrigation Services We Offer in Palm Beach County:

  • Blueprint Services

  • Irrigation Service Calls

  • Emergency Service Irrigation Calls 

  • Irrigation Initial Evaluations

  • Monthly "Wet-Checks"

  • Irrigation System Renovations

  • Irrigation System Installations

  • Zone-Map Creation

  • City to Reclaimed or Well-Water Conversions

  • Irrigation Well Drilling

  • Irrigation Pump Repair or Replacement

  • Index Valve System to Electrical Conversions

  • And So Much More!

Irrigation Blueprints for the landscape of a new construction home in Delray Beach.

Unmarked & Representing YOU

As an optional (and FREE) addition to what we already provide, we have a sub-contracting division dedicated to working for builders and contractors (as well as other landscape companies). 

Discreet Services, Performed in YOUR company's Name

These crews run unmarked, with white trucks, white trailers, and logo-free uniforms. Ever wanted your own landscape division? Well now you have one. We sign a non-compete and a non-disclosure, and our crews represent you as your out-door construction division on each of your projects. Our team runs consultations, and designs projects in your name with your branding, and sends proposals to you to send to the clients. 

Now its time to just sit back while we manage the outdoors-phase of your project!


Tell us about your project today.

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