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Palm Tree Installations

Palm Installations Services

Our team specializes in the installation of All types of Palms, enhancing Florida landscapes with majestic and durable palm varieties. Here’s what our service includes:

  • Expert Consultation: We begin with a consultation to discuss your landscape vision and assess where a Palm or tree would best complement your property. This initial planning ensures that your new palms not only enhance your property's aesthetics but also thrive in their new environment.

  • Professional Planting: Our experienced landscapers handle every aspect of the installation, from selecting healthy, high-quality Palms and trees to planting them according to best horticultural practices. This includes proper hole depth, soil preparation, and ensuring adequate water access.

  • Post-Installation Care: After installation, we provide detailed care instructions and offer follow-up services to ensure your palms establish successfully. This includes watering schedules, fertilization tips, and pruning advice.

Christmas Palms (Adonidia Palms) in Wellington Florida
Sylvester Palms in Delray Beach Florida

Benefits of Installing Sylvester Palms

Sylvester Palms are a popular choice for Florida landscapes due to their beauty and resilience:

  • Visual Appeal: With their blue-green fronds and textured trunks, Sylvester Palms add a touch of elegance and tropical flair to any landscape.

  • Durability: These palms are well-suited to Florida’s climate and are resistant to both drought and pests, ensuring they remain a lasting part of your landscape.

  • Increased Property Value: The addition of mature Sylvester Palms can enhance property aesthetics and increase its market value.

  • Canary Island Date Palm Alternative: Canary Island Date Palms are a similar variety of palm, but are much more expensive, prone to disease, and have significantly higher maintenance costs.

Low Maintenance Palm Trees

Let our expert team bring the Tropical beauty and benefits of Palm Trees to your property with professional installations tailored to your landscape’s unique conditions and your personal style.​

Self-Cleaning Palm Trees

Most Grey-Wood palm trees are self cleaning. This means that their fronds fall off when they have completed their life-cycle. While they will still produce seed as all palms do, these palms make a great low maintenance addition to your landscape.

Popular self-cleaning palms:

  • Foxtail Palms

  • Christmas Palms, also known as Adonidia Palms

  • Alexander Palms

  • Royal Palms

  • Macarthur Palms

  • Montgomery Palms

Foxtail Palms Installed in Delray Beach Florida
Sylvester Palm Installation, Addison Reserve Country Club Driving Range, Delray Beach Florida
Ringler Landscape Design Co.

Sylvester Palm Installation, Addison Reserve Country Club Driving Range, Delray Beach Florida


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